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2022-2023 Tuition and Fees Schedule


Below is a breakdown of our tuition costs, fees and available discounts.  Payment plans are available, as well as scholarships through local school tuition organizations (STOs). 

Application Fee:  $100.00
(Refundable if child is denied; applied to tuition if child is accepted)
1st Child:      $6700/year     $670/mo for 10 months
Tuition includes:  textbooks, classroom supplies, art supplies, and field trips (admission/entry fees) for full-time students. 
Available Discounts
Ask about discounts for:
  • Annual tuition paid in full prior to the first day of school
  • Families with multiple children
  • Heart Cry Church and Heart Cry Christian Academy employees
  • Children of lead, senior and campus pastors
  • Only one discount per family applies
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