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Heart Cry Christian Academy supports the academic growth of students with an integrated curriculum and hands-on learning experience.  In a nurturing environment, students are held to very high standards.  They are encouraged daily to work to their highest God-given potential.  Our curriculum is challenging, intentionally rooted in Biblical truth, and catered to our individualized learning model.  


Through the Purposeful Design Bible curriculum, students will read and apply God’s truth according to the Bible and learn how it applies to their lives.  Students will also memorize scripture throughout the year as a class.

Social Studies 

In our elementary grades, we use BJU Press’s Heritage Studies which makes history and other social studies topics meaningful and relevant by making them active.  It includes activities that spark interest and allow students to interact with the materials they are learning.


HCCA has also, partnered with Purposeful Design for our science programs as they are grounded in a biblical worldview which enables the students to not just learn about science but learn how to do science.  Students will grow through experimental, hands-on learning based on scientific inquiry and engineering-design-process activities.


We have chosen Purposeful Design’s math program as it aligns with state standards and offers a solid scope and sequence that places an emphasis on skill development, mastery, and offers formative assessments.  It also integrates the interdisciplinary approach of STEM, as well as basic algorithms. Manipulatives and real-world principles are used to make math come alive.


We use Purposeful Design English for our K-4th graders and BJU Press for our 5th and 6th graders.  Both programs weave together the wonders of oral and written language with a biblical worldview.  Both series are research-based and provide instruction in phonological fluency, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary and grammar to meet the most comprehensive and challenging readiness standards available.  We have also added IEW (Institutes for Excellence in Writing) curriculum to enhance our 5th and 6th grade students writing skills.

Additional information can be found here:  Purposeful Design and BJU Press

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